Areca Leaf Tableware


Our areca leaf tableware range brings economic and social empowerment to the local communities in Shivamogga, an area of South India where they are made.

Knowing these products are helping local farmers, reducing the burden on our planet & look absolutely fantastic - what's stopping you?



Local farmers from Karnataka,
a southern state in India,
carefully handpick fallen leaves
from Areca Trees.
The leaves are then
pressure washed and pressed into shape.
It's 100% natural with no nasty chemicals.
 The areca range is extremely
durable and is suitable for all types of
food. Hot, cold and oily!
They are microwavable and freezer safe.
Compared to plastic,
if they end up in landfill or the sea,
they will quickly breakdown
and provide essential nutrients to the earth. 
They'll biodegrade in 60 days
if placed in compost.