Our Story

The Good Plate Company was started by 2 friends; Hersh & Raghav.  We have always been passionate about the environment and were seriously  fed up of the amount of plastic waste we were being forced to use and we  wanted to do something about it. We made changes to our own habits and  avoided plastic where we could, but we knew there was more we could do.


Many companies were selling products giving the impression that they are 'biodegradable', 'compostable' or 'environmentally-friendly' - what we found was that, in reality, these products required a a very specialised disposal process which was either expensive or arduous. Simply, unrealistic to the average consumer.  On a search for an answer,  Hersh came across a range of tableware made from Areca palm leaves in India and instantly fell in love how good they looked and strong they felt compared to plastic!


We looked more into how the plates were made and the economic and social empowerment they were bringing to communities in Shivamogga, an area of South India where they are made. Knowing these products were helping local farmers, reducing the burden on our planet & looked absolutely fantastic  we had a feeling it was a product people could connect with.



Meet the team 

Hersh Thaker
Hersh works in the energy industry as a product manager within the electric vehicles space. He leads our zero waste management services and account management for our B2B customers.
Raghav Chandegra 
A dentist by day, Raghav looks after marketing, our social media channels and B2C e-commerce platforms which includes Amazon and our own website.