100,000 plastic plates replaced in 2019 by The Good Plate Company!

Hello everyone!
This Christmas also marks our first full year of trading and so we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We wanted to use our last blog of the year as an opportunity to say thank you to everyone that has made a purchase on our website or subscribed to our newsletter. It is thanks to everyone that has purchased from us, that we have replaced over 100,000 plastic plates in 2019! We also piloted our Zero Waste management services where we diverted over 4 tonnes of waste away from landfill.
We’re Hersh and Raghav, two friends with a shared passion for sustainability and the circular economy. We started The Good Plate Company because we’d noticed that despite the media attention about the damage plastic is doing to the world around us, we were still eating out and attending dinners, parties, BBQ’s, weddings where food and drinks were being served on plastic tableware.
We realised there is still much to be done to educate people about the alternatives but we also realised there is a responsibility from businesses to supply quality and affordable alternatives to single use plastic tableware. This is where the Good Plate Company was born.
We've got an exciting 2020 planned. We'll continue to learn and grow and we'll be particularly focused on:
  1. Remove all plastic packaging from the supply chain.
    We’ve made significant progress on this last year but we want to do more.

  2. Increase our product range to include cups and options for take-aways and restaurants.
     We have an exciting range of products lined up for next year.

  3. Continue to build our community.
    As suppliers we know we also have a responsibility to educate on responsible consumerism. We’re looking forward to creating much more informative content for you.

  4. Close the loop Waste management services.
    We realise that providing alternatives to plastic is only one side of the issue. As a responsible business we're also exploring how to close the loop on our products after the've been used.
If you want to speak to us, drop us an email at hello@thegoodplatecompany.com or whats app us on +447398559288 - we'd love to hear from you! 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Best Wishes,
Hersh & Raghav

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